2003 Hyundai Sonata GLS

On two occasions, about 18 months apart, my Hyundai Sonata started lurching down the freeway, losing power at approx. 3000rpm and regaining it at about 2500rpm. (I was traveling about 70mph.) The first time I was hauled home and the second time i tried to maintain speed and limped home 40 miles on Hwy 80W outside of Sacramento, CA. AAA mechanics reset computer both times and the first time replaced gasket on accelerator. The second time they reset computer but could not find what caused computer to malfunction. Any ideas. I have talked to local Hyundai service manager and send email to L.A. office on website. They were no help at all.

Presumably there is a check engine light involved - especially since there’s all of this computer resetting and - probably - throttle body gasket being replaced. A check engine light comes with error codes. Those are in the format “P1234.” Find out what they were and post them. Just the codes in that format.