Engine ringing noise

My 1996 Firebird with 3800 series II V6 engine makes a ringing noise. The noise appears to come from the front of the engine (pulley area) and sounds like an old fashioned fire alarm. It usually occures after the engine has warmed up and cannot be heard from inside while cruising.

I am going to suggest the serpentine belt tensioner, even the belt itself can make noise,release the belt give some stuff a spin.

Good idea. It doesn’t seem to be coming from deep in the engine so maybe something has just started to come loose. Thanks.

You may want to use a length of garden hose (Like three or four feet) as a stethoscope to locate the source.

Another good idea. I have often used a long screw driver with the handle held to my ear as a scope. There are a lot of moving parts in this area, so I am a little reluctant to stick any thing in there while the car is running. Thanks.

Hey- did you ever figure it out? Im experiencing the same mystery ring on an older toyota pickup with a 22re…

Wow, that was a while ago. I was sure the noise was a bad clutch in the
air conditioning compressor. When I had tires put on the installer
replaced a loose clamp on the heat shield and the problem went away. Those
noises can be really tricky.

Hmm, interesting! Thanks for the reply.