2008 Hyundai Tiburon - Rattle and Whistle

My car makes a rattle an whistle noise only when the car is warmed up an it follows rpms usually very noticeable above 2,000rpms. Any ideas? Starting to drive me crazy!

Post a sound clip,that would help.

Since it’s probably engine related, time to remove the engine cover and use a rubber hose to isolate where the noise is coming from. And in addition to the sound clip, more info like which engine(4 or 6), mileage and any work previously done would be helpful.

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It’s the 4cyl an it’s all stock 138,000 miles manual transmission …I’ll post a video of it once I’m off work. The rattle sounds like it’s coming from the engine block but it only does it when I rev it an when the car is warm. Both rattle an whistle get louder as the car warms up if that helps. I also noticed that one of the belts it’s really worn I’ll post a pic of that as well

That is perhaps the most worn out serpentine belt I have ever seen that wasn’t snapped in half. Start there. Once it’s off, check the idler and other pulleys for any abnormal rotational issues…


Here’s the video of it rattling. It gets much louder as car warms up this is just from me driving home

Replace that serpentine belt ASAP unless you want to call a tow truck in a few days…$$$$$


Serpentine belt, pulleys and idler but the condition of the serpentine belt makes me wonder when was the last time the timing belt was changed?
The reason I’m asking is because timing belt replacement is every 65,000 miles and parts like the serpentine belt. are cheap and have to be removed to get to the timing belt so they’re almost always replaced at the same time but your serpentine belt looks like it’s as old as the car.

BTW the Tiburon has an interference engine and if your timing belt snaps your engine is pretty much toast so if it hasn’t been done or you don’t know that it’s been done within schedule, get it done immediately!

It has three separate belts an that bad one is for the ac compressor the other two are brand new almost. But last night I drove for over an hour an the rattle came from a cold start an got louder as the car warmed an when I got out it smelled like something was burning an now everytime I shut the car off it smells like something is burning

I also took of the timing belt cover an the belt looks fine but I was only able to see the top half of the belt

The rattle and the something burning may be totally unrelated so use the hose to pinpoint the source of the rattle (one end in your ear, the other pointed towards the rattle) and then look for oil leaks that may be seeping onto the exhaust.

However, I’d also mention that you can’t always tell the state of the timing belt by looking at it and that the ac compressor belt has to be removed to replace the timing belt so if you don’t know how many miles are on it you’re living dangerously. Also, when I did my last timing belt change at 120,000 miles and had the front of the engine off, I noticed that the front crankshaft oil seal was leaking (a $10 part and 15 minutes additional time) so I did that too.

The rattle is constant now it does it during idle an deceleration now as well but is still the most noticeable under acceleration I’m gonna have the timing belt looked out but I did the hose thing an it’s coming from inside the engine block not near the timing chain…it sounds like it’s coming from the lower center of the motor

No one not even a good mechanic can look at a timing belt and say it is good . The shop will give you an estimate of what is making the noise and a price for the timing belt. Expect to pay a diagnostic fee for that .

OK, any noise that’s coming from your engine block isn’t good but I also think you may also be diagnosing “above your pay grade”.

Time to take it to a good mechanic and pay for a diagnosis. It may save you hundreds.

Ok so lately at idle there’s been a big vibration an it sounds like medal on medal vibrating an I popped the hood an the whole engine compartment just shakes! An when I engine brake I hear a swoosh noise all noises coming from front right. I also took it to a shop an they looked at the timing belt an accessory belts. They said the only way to find the problem is to tear the motor apart.