Ringing noise at idle- '88 Toyota w/ 22RE (Video)

Hi all- any help on this would be hugely appreciated!

The truck is a new to me '88 toyota pickup with 22re, A/T 2wd. 90k miles, runs great. The issue I’m having is a hard to identify ringing noise coming from the front end of the engine. It goes away immediately when I give the truck any amount of gas.

It is at its loudest when I am stopped, in gear, and with foot on the brake. It will occasionally ring when in Park as well.

I had my alternator replaced the day I bought the truck. It has made the noise ever since, but unfortunately I didn’t drive the truck long enough before the alternator replacement to know if it made the noise prior. That shop replaced the alternator belt and one other belt down there, possibly the fan belt.

The noise will be less loud and at times not even happen once the vehicle is very warm and/or has been driven on long trips consecutive days. I didn’t drive the truck for the last couple days and the noise was very loud today.

Could this noise be a pulley bearing? I took it back to the shop that did the alt and they listened and used their stethoscope and said it seemed to be coming loudest from a bolt on the timing cover but that they wouldn’t worry about it.

LINK TO VIDEO OF NOISE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ewh-pOMEyI

Thanks again for any help!!!

Yes, that does sound like a pulley bearing that has dried up.


What you’re hearing is a worn timing chain rubbing against the timing chain cover.


Hmmm, that thought crossed my mind but I had heard that that sound would sound more like a sloppy rattling noise? Have you heard this exact noise before and it was a TC? Thanks for the replies guys.

Find out for yourself.

Turn the crankshaft by hand to line up the timing mark to zero.

Remove the distributor cap.

Now turn the engine over in the opposite direction while watching the rotor in the distributor.

If the crank can be turned more than 5 degrees before the rotor in the distributor begins to rotate, the timing chain is stretched.