Engine Revving, No Acceleration

so basically i have a 2000 ford e-450 cube van, automatic v10, and i have a problem! when i turn it on it idles perfect, i can put it in neutral and rev it and its nice, can also reverse no problem with good speed, but when i put it in drive and accelerate it revs like it does in neutral but barely moves! it takes probably 2 minutes to reach 60km! 1st gear takes the longest to reach speed and it gets better in 2nd and so forth! any opinions?

The vehicle is ten years old and you haven’t told us anything about the maintenance history of the transmission. You haven’t even told us if you checked the fluid level.

I think you should start with the basics. Check the fluid, and if it hasn’t been changed within the last 30K miles, have it changed. Then see what happens.

If the CEL is on you’ll have to have the codes read. Most auto parts stores, at least in the US, will do it free.

Based on the “tags” for your post, it appears that you suspect the transmission as the source of the problem. Your suspicions are correct.

I assume that you have already checked the transmission fluid’s level, color, and odor.
If you have not already done so, then you need to do that before attempting to drive the truck again. If the level is low, replenish it with the correct type of fluid, most likely some type of Mercon fluid. Simply having the correct fluid level will frequently remedy the type of problem that you describe–as long as you only drove the truck for a very short distance with low fluid level.

If the fluid is any color other than pinkish-red, and/or if it has a burnt odor, then damage has likely already taken place.

If the fluid level was low, then there is a leak, as trans fluid does not evaporate. A leak and/or discolored/burnt-smelling fluid means a trip to a transmission shop in order to determine the extent of the problem.

I am not sure about the country where you reside, but if there are “chain” transmission shops in your country, I strongly suggest that you avoid them. Ask friends, co-workers, neighbors and relatives for recommendations on independently-owned, non-corporate trans shops in your area. If your country is like the US, chain-operated trans shops will tell you that you need a new transmission, even if a minor repair is all that is needed.

thanks, yes the fluid is a little brown, but the level is good, it doesnt really smell like burnt but it sure doesnt smell great, maybe a little burnt, i live in toronto so i did bring it to mister transmission and they said $300 to tell me what the problem is but they are pushing towards a new tranny, ill ask around and see if i can find some smaller people, thanks

i only had it for 2 months so not sure on the history, i did change the fluid with new mercon and it kind of got worse, i got all the codes read and everything fixed but now its this acceleration problem, do you think it could be a tranny problem or torque converter?

Chain transmission shop = NO!
It doesn’t matter what is wrong (or not wrong) they will want to put a rebuilt transmission in. If you’re lucky, it will not be any worse than your current transmission.
I’d go somewhere else…

Sounds exactly like the problem just discussed on last saturdays show. Perhaps you have the same problem with the kick-down cable…

Listen to Segment 3: Permission to treat the witness as hostile!

kick down cable?

My name’s not Click or Clack…
Listen to that show segment, they explain what the kick down cable is and does. Your issue sounds so similar to the one they discussed.

I believe that the 2000 E450 has an electronically shifted transmission, and therefore does not use a TP cable or a kick-down cable.

thanks yea never heard of it before but the transmission place said that there is for sure something wrong in the transmission

If the fluid is at the right level then it just sounds to me like the transmission is just smoked. If the fluid doesn’t smell burned now it will after you drive it a few more times - all of that revving as you try to accelerate is likely just the clutches slipping & you’re burning them up even more. Are you sure that this trans calls for Mercon?

yes it says mercon right on the dipstick

also quick question, it calls for mercon but we did maybe put in 3 liters of mercon v as well, would that mess it up

No problem - Mercon V is now supposed to be used in all applications calling for Mercon (or so says Ford). So Mercon V is the right thing.

Note that Mercon SP is out - the SP is a different spec not suitable for the Mercon or Mercon V applications - so avoid that one.

Bottom line: any time your engine is revving but not pulling the vehicle along properly the transmission is slipping internally. Follow VDC’s good advice.

By the way, the more you slip it is the worse it will become.