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Engine reving issue

I saw someone with the same issue but there was not response. if anyone know - please let me know what to do. My van will rev really high when started and may stay that way for most of the day. Sometimes once it is turned off it will restart just fine. but when it is reving like this you have to hold the break down at stop lights, constantly slow down because it wants to take off. Now it is stalling when driving slowly. the throttle positioning censor has been replace a couple of times. any thoughts?

How high is it revving? What year, make, model. I think in the post you are referring to the vehicle was revving so high it was smoking the tires but he didn’t have a stalling problem. From what you have stated it may be a sticky IAC (idle air control) or possibly an MAF.

it’s an 04 Pontiac Montana. it doesn’t smoke the tires but it will continue to accelerate as long and fast as you will let it. I have had the MAF replaced but will check the IAC. thanks

You can remove and clean the iac with sensor safe cleaner.

I agree with cleaning the IAC as the first step. If that doesn’t work replace it. Sometimes the crud gets down inside the pintle shaft and you can’t get it out.