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My Van Engine Races

When I start my 2001 Pontiac Montana, the engine almost always races 2000+ RPM. Nothing I do kicks it back down to where it should be except restarting, sometimes 2-3 times. I have had the throttle cable replaced, throttle body cleaned, idle air control adjusted, throttle position sensor replaced, a vacuum leak at the pcv connection was fixed with a new grommet. Sometimes while driving, the car “drives itself.” I have to tap the break to keep the speed legal. I am killing my starter and my breaks. Please help.

The idle air control valve can’t be adjusted so you might want to clarify exactly what was done with it. They can be cleaned - sometimes that helps, sometimes not. It might just be time for a new one.

How was the vacuum leak found? You might look for more - a smoke test would be the most straightforward way to go.