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Engine quiting-93 chevy pu

I have a 93 chevy pu 5.7-when I let up the throttle to an idle-it faulters and quits.

If I keep a little throttle on-it won’t happen-lost in bush Alaska

Have you cleaned or replaced the Idle Air Control valve and cleaned the air passages to an from the valve? It sounds like it might be a nonresponding IAC or restricted passages.

Thanks-I replaced the IAC-still the same-cleaned out the port it threads into-I notice if its in Park idling-it runs fine-if I put it in gear-sitting with the brake on-it faulters and quits ? One injecter is leaking on top-seems to be spraying alright ?
EGR valve ? thanks -lost in Bush Alaska

Is the Check Engine Light ‘on’ or has it been on recently? In any case, have you scanned for codes? At this stage of diagnosis we can use any hints to narrow down the problem.

No check engine light-
Started it with the air cleaner off-on injecter nossle is leaking-
Took the EGR valve off-its working and sealing-
Pulled the IAC vavle out again-it has alittle carbon on it-sprayed out with carb cleaner-
Still lost-thanks