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Engine quality long term

I am looking at a 2000 toyota tundra V8 engine - TRD SR5.

It has 171000 miles.

My question is on these engines will these engines last over 200K and are they solid quality that will last. Use will be very low mileage and usage.

If, and that’s a big IF, the vehicle has been maintained by the book or better, the Tundra engine will last well beyond 200,000 miles.

You need a competent mechanic to do a complete vehicle inspection and perform a compression test, wet and dry to evaluate the engine wear to date.

This question is impossible for a specific vehicle. How this truck was maintained in the past has a larger impact on its longevity than anything else.

Is there a documented maintenance history?

The engine isn’t everything. There are many electronic complications connected to the pickup and they can’t be relied upon. With good luck, anything is possible, including profits from stocks. If things go bad, I hope you are in a place that doesn’t have smog system checks.

While there is nothing wrong with keeping a truck like that, buying one has to involve some risk. If you are above $6,000, you could try some other pickup. Have you ever heard of Chevrolet? Their parts are everywhere.

Any car can last that long and longer. However is the owner is lax with having the recommended maintenance done, they will be very lucky to get to 100,000 miles.

The engine isn’t everything. There are many electronic complications connected to the pickup and they can’t be relied upon.

And what proof do you have of that???

Electronics are usually far more reliable then mechanical. I’ve had 5 vehicles over 300k miles with the ONLY electrical problem being a blown light.

To the OP…If maintained properly the engine can easily last 200k or even 300k miles. Properly maintained is the key.

Any properly maintained engine will see 200k miles and much more. The sticky part of the equation is that the vast majority of vehicles are not fastidiously maintained so this tilts the odds against the truck.

At a minimum you should check the oil pressure on this truck (when fully warmed up) and a compression test. Compression readings (assuming a decent engine at that mileage) should be up in the 180 PSI or possibly even higher range. If they’re down in the 150s or whatever then the engine is heading downhill.

What “electronic complications” have you found to be unreliable on these vehicles?

My concern on this truck is the severe rusting of the frames. My mother has a similar year Tundra(trouble free) that had the entire frame replaced by Toyota.

They are really nice trucks.

I believe it should get to at least 250K. I know someone who has a Tundra at over 200K with no trouble.