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Engine problem on my Ford contuor 1996 GL 4Cyl

I have a Ford Contour '96 which has developed a problem after a hose ( curve ) that link the coolant reservoir to the engine went bad whiles driving at 65mil/h on the interstate , I did pulled up as soon as I hear a strange nose in the engine and call for a tow truck. On inspecting what went bad, I saw that this hose was bad, so I went ahead an got a replacement and changed it, flushed and refilled the coolant (50/50) the next day …but when I cover the coolant reservoir whiles the car is running at an idle speed ,all the coolant in the container will go somewhere in the engine leaving the reservoir empty and the car will start jerking and the car will seem like getting overflow and smoking but it will stop as soon as I open the top and all the coolant will come back to refill and even overflow to the top of the container with bubbling and hot but the temperature will still be at normal level. …Please what would be the problem?

So you saw that the hose was “bad”; but, had it burst and the coolant lost? You infer, but, don’t state, that the engine, thus, lost coolant.
The noise in the engine was, probably, something breaking. You need a mechanic to check it.