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Engine or transmission noise

My wife’s 2006 Honda Accord makes a strange noise when accelerating. The best I can describe it is that it sounds like Woooo. It does not make this sound when driven at a constant speed. The car is in great shape and does not appear to have any mechanical or electrical problems.

Sounds like the transmission… Sometimes it’s in the torque converter, and other times it’s the bands… Either way, for now you can keep driving. Start saving, you’re going to need one or both. It might be a week or it might be a year… But start saving in order to pay for the repair costs or trading that car in.

On this transmission the noises usually come from the final drive assy. Your issue could be there, it could be engine related, wheel/tire related…etc… This transmission has no bands. It operates off of 4 separate clutch assys. Even if it did have a band, there would be no noise. Bands do not make noise, they are either applied (Holding a drum) or not applied. I would have a pro check it out, it is always advisable to have unusual noises checked ASAP. Let us know what you find out.