Engine Oil

I have Opel Omega 2002 model… I am facing a problem with my engine, which there are oil missing from time to time (apprx. 1Ltr per 2-3 weeks).

I had taken it to some repairing shops, they couldn’t find the reason for this problem as there is NO leak and the exhust is NOT smoking at all.

What do you think the reason could be, what should I do to find the reason of the problem?

my other Q is …

what is the best oil type I can use for the same vehicle? (I am living in Bahrain, which means very hot weather in summer and high humidaty)

Thanks in advance

Have your PCV system checked for malfunction. The PCV valve should be changed from time to time. It can be cleaned or replaced.

I don’t know what engine you have, but a 15w-40 or 5w-40 should work well for you assuming that availability is the same as in Kuwait and the rest of the region. The choice of a synthetic or conventional should be determined by the length of service you intend to keep it in use.

Consider finding Auto-Rx. Your consumption may be due to ring coking. I know the product is imported to Kuwait, so you should be able to get it (google it).

Assuming it has a catalytic converter, the converter will eliminate most of the smoke, until: it gets too bad and kills the converter.

How many miles are you driving during those 2-3 weeks?

Of course you should check the owners manual first . . . but I’d be inclined to use a 20W50 in such a hot environment. So far as you first question . . . the oil HAS to be going somewhere . . . exhaust or leaking. Put a piece of cardboard under the engine overnight and look for the drips, and have someone start the vehicle while you stand back by the exhaust. betcha you’ll find either exhaust smoke or an oil leak. Another possibility is smoke upon acceleration or deceleration. Have someone follow you while you drive and watch for smoke. Rocketman

If the temp doesn’t drop below 50F you might consider 20W-50 oil.

I believe I’ll try to find the Auto-Rx, I had googled it and I believe it will work for me (hopefully)…

Thanks for the great info…

You might try a full-synthetic oil and see if your consumption goes down. Consult the manual for the recommended oil type, but I’d think 10W30 would be a good compromise. If the catalytic converter is working normally, it can ‘eat’ the oil smoke and you won’t see any external sign that you’re burning oil.

Approx 1500 - 2000 miles

I had done all the steps you said, still nothing … no leak no smoke …

some times in winter it does drop below 50F …

MANY cars BURN a quart of oil every 1000 miles. This is considered “Normal”…At 2000 miles a quart, you should be delighted…

In Bahrain? That’s the Persian Gulf, right? Thought that it was a desert or tropical climate. Rocketman