I have a 2005 Buick LaCrosse and it is burning oil…not leaking. I have people telling me it could be seals but no way of knowing if that’s the problem until they are replaced which is costly. I have other people telling me I should get rid of it fast. What to do ???

How MUCH oil?? How many miles per quart? How many miles on the car?

The car has 31000 miles…about every 3000 miles it needs 1-2 quarts

1 quart /3000 miles is ok, 1 quart/1500 miles is a bit high. Has it gotten worse lately? Any symptoms besides the consumption?

No other problems…the last 3 oil changes when I hit about 3000 miles the low oil level light comes on. This last time I needed 2 quarts

A quart of oil every 1500-3000 miles isn’t outrageous. Be sure you are using the proper viscosity of oil specified in the owner’s manual. Sometimes changing brands of oil will make a difference, although I am at a loss to explain why. Automobile manufacturers consider1 quart in 1000 miles as reasonable. From an economic standpoint, it makes more sense in your case to purchase a couple of quarts of oil on sale at a discount store and add the oil between oil changes than it does to spend big bucks on what doesn’t really seem to me to be a problem.

Check The Engine’s PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) System For Proper Functioning Vs. Obstructions, Paticularly The PCV Valve, Which You May Want To Replace.


You’re going to have to start checking the oil a LOT sooner then every 3k miles.

I Wouldn’t Let It Get 2 Quarts Low. * Check The Oil Once A Week / Month . . . Or Every Other Week / Month, Depending On How Much Driving You Do.

I’d figure out about how long it takes you to run a 1/2 quart out of it and use that for my checking frequency.

Save an empty oil bottle and put 1/2 quart of a new full bottle in it. When you check and it’s down a half quart, put in a half quart.

I suppose you could use this procedure and let it get a full quart low, but never more than that.

* How long does it take you to 3,000 miles on this car? Based on the information, I’m guessing about 6 months. Check the oil at least every month or two and add when necessary. Don’t overfill it.