Engine Oil Additives

My boyfriend, a banjo player, was given POWR-TEQ by a client to put in his 2003(?) Tahoe. He has around 90,000-100,000 miles on the truck. Do these additives actually cut fuel usage by 10-20% as claimed? My boyfriend is hesitant to use it because he’s concerned that it might actually harm his engine. He’s also concerned about what to say when his client asks him about how it’s working for him, since he hasn’t used it.

While most additives do no harm, additives should only be used to try to resolve or to compensate for a known and/or diagnosed problem.

No, they will not cut fuel usage if the engine is already running well and has been properly maintained.

No reason to think it works, web site has very little explanation in it, just a big ad with lots of undocumented assertions. Your boyfriend is smart to not use it. He can just say ‘I haven’t checked’ when asked…

Thanks. I’m probably old school, but I felt that a lot of these things are just snake oil.

If an additive was safe and would cut fuel usage by even 5% it would be reported in every newspaper in the world.

Oils in the bottle have all the additives needed.

Banjo players have clients?

Engine oil additives are totally unnecessary. There’s no reason to pour them into an engine. If they increased fuel mileage, as claimed, EVERY car maker would recommend them, but none do, so what does that tell you.

Tell you boyfriend to be honest, and say, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

If it get’s your boyfriend a gig buy a case.

He works in real estate to support his banjo habit.

Like my brother-in-law, a true musician!

Your boyfriend should lie and tell the client he put it in and it made no difference, then use the stuff on squeaky door hinges or something.

No oil additive will increase mileage, but I used Lucas Oil Treatment in my car and it had 288,000 miles when I sold it.