Additives to oil

Does the product slick 50 really do what it says ?

same with stp fuel injector cleaners?

Bacically do any of the additives to a car engine help?

Slick 50 is useless, worthless.

Various fuel injector cleaners will indeed help to clean dirty fuel injectors, but who these days has dirty fuel injectors? The detergents added to gasoline keep them spotless.

Basically there is no oil or gas additive on the market that will do anything useful for a healthy engine nor improve the car’s performance. There are some products that you can try to tackle a known problem. If your car is running well, however, pass up all those miracle products.

ok thanks, I do use synthitic oil,but have to add a half quart to a quart between changes and do not know why. No leaks and does not burn it that I can see.

Slick 50 is not only not good, but it has been know to cause damage. It was so bad that Dupont redrew their permission to use their “Teflon” name in relation to the product.

These days most automakers consider a quart every 2 or 3 thousand miles normal. I consider it high, but not something to get too upset over. Just make sure you keep checking the oil level regularly.

It’s most likely burning, just not enough to notice. Maybe slipping a little extra past the piston rings.

Not needed, worthless, could cause damage. Otherwise, a fine product.