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Motor Oil Additive

My 1999 Mazda Millenia(130K miles) is one quart low with each oil change(2500 to 3000 miles) Is there an oil additive that might help ?

No, that level of oil consumption is considered “normal” and if the car was under warranty the dealer or Mazda would do nothing.

Do not try to use any additves, as they will not work. Something that makes the oil thicker will cause excessive wear during startup and warmup, and cause long term damage.

Depending how the car was initially broken in, some cars use almost no oil at all at your mileage while others conmsume a quart or so. I have owned 4 cars that consumed that much oil in 3000 miles and all lived very long and dependable lives!

You may also have a small oil leak which only becomes pronounced when you are driving with the engine warmed up.

Again, no need to woryy, just check the oil regularly and top up when needed. Oil is cheap!

I agree with docnick. One quart of oil is certainly within the normal range.

One quart every 2500-3000 miles on an engine with 130,000 miles is not only within the normal range, it’s downright good, I’d wager much better than the statistical mean or median.

Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. Don’t mess it up with additives.

As the others have said, this is definitely within normal limits, so it is nothing to worry about and you should not use any “snake oil” in the crankcase.

That being said, if the dipstick is down by 1 qt at each oil change, that would seem to imply that you don’t check it between changes. If my assumption is correct, I suggest that you begin to check the dipstick every few weeks, just in case the rate of consumption was to suddenly increase–which is possible.

Also, you should really add oil as soon as the dipstick is down by 1/2 qt. Check the level frequently, add as soon as it is down by 1/2 qt, and you will be doing as much as you can to keep the engine properly lubricated.

I am going to soft of disagree with the majority. You have 130K on it. How was the oil usage at 50,000 miles or 100,000 miles? If it is high now and not earlier, then you might consider using one of the oils designed for high mileage cars. They have additives that can soften old seals and reduce oil usage for a while.

I agree that in general, what you are experiencing is not unusual.

Any leaks? Drips on the garage floor?

No leaks I can see.

FORGET the STP / Motor Honey type additives until you burn a quart every 600 miles…

Then you are burning it somewhere, the ‘high mile’ oil won’t make much difference. Just check your oil.

My 2002 Sienna has used nearly that much for 165,000 miles now.

You are with in what a factory rep would tell you. I had a pinto that used a quart every 500 mile. The dealer said it was normal. I later found out that the valve guide seals were bad. That may be your problem. As for additives, forget them they are only there to take your money. I drove a 92 Buick Century over 250,000 mile and never had any oil consumption or injector problems. I used only a name brand gas and Havoline motor oil. Changed it every 3000 mile. I used this car as a flag car and it was driven hard local miles.

Texases, I would point out that we’re referring to 1 quart every 2500-3000 miles on an engine with 130,000 miles. All engines burn some small amount of oil just due to the oil that remains in the honing and imperfections in the cylinder walls after the wiper rings pass by, said oil being there to provide some lubrication for the compression rings.

I agree that high mileage oil won’t make a difference, but IMHO it’s because no problem exists to begin with. Technically the OP is, as you asid, burning it somewhere, but the phrase implies an unacceptable amount of usage and I’d be reluctant to use it in this case.

TSMB, you stated well what I meant. Without leaks, there’s nothing to be done about it. OP’s oil use is fine.

Sorry. I misunderstood your post. It puzzled me, sctually, because I have so much respect for your knowledge.

First …how long have you owned it and is this something new? While the rate of consumption isn’t bad, if it’s a change in the rate of consumption EVERYONE/ANYONE would question it. They wouldn’t just say, “It’s all part of the aging process” like their doctor tells them when a new degrading ailment comes to bear.

Check your PCV valve (probably mentioned) and consider using Auto-Rx (google it). It reduced my daughters beater 91 Taurus from consumption by the hour of operation to months. Enough that it required (perhaps) one quart about the time for a 6 month oil change. It’s not snake oil …a thickener or any of that nonsense. It’s expensive esters that clean metal. It will decoke your rings from long term deposits allowing them to seal better.

Again, check the PCV valve for issues. Otherwise, if the plugs aren’t fouling and you’re not seeing leakage …no smoke upon startup (valve seals, typically) then I highly recommend Auto-Rx to see if it will relieve the consumption.

I’ll also state that one quart in 3k isn’t anything serious. We’ve just gotten so used to cars that consume none (some do …by design from new) that it bothers us.