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Engine not started in 6 months

I’m thinking about buying a 1978 Dodge Journey Motorhome with 79,000 miles that hasn’t been started for 6 months. What would be the best things to do before trying to start it. I’m thinking I should change the oil first. Is there anything else I should do to prevent any possible damage to a dried up and possibly rusted engine? I know all rubber parts such as rings and gaskets may be dried out after 6 months. What do you suggest? Thanks

You definately want to put some Heet in the gas before starting it in order to dry up any moisture that may have condensed inside the tank. Six months is not a huge amount of time but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I’d also pull the plugs and check for abnormalities like rust or the presence of oil.

Thank you TEEJAY2, excellent ideas. Wish I could have thought of that myself. 5 years ago I would have. LOL Sorry it took so long to respond back, pc crashed.

Anything else I can do?

Six months to too little to worry about. Cars can sit on a new car lot for that long. With a 1978 you are even better off since the battery would not likely be dead due to it’s long sleep. Modern cars have computers that stay on all the time.

Storage conditions make a difference, but I would not worry.

That said, a 1978 car may have any number of problems due mostly to its age. Those rubber parts are certainly possible issues, Some of them may be in there from 1978. Most anything could be a problem. At this age it all depends on the car it has had over the last 40+ years. Expect to put some time and money into making it reliable and road worthy.

I would start by checking out the brakes including the brake lines and fluid, they are the most important part.  Also note the tyres may well have been on there a long time.  Age is not good for them,   Look for cracks in the sidewalls,  I would also worry about the suspension. 

In short safety first.

There are unsold domestic cars sitting on lots(fair ground) for up to 2 years that get fired up without an afterthought. I would not worry much.

The engine should not be dried up and rusted in just six months. Lots of vehicles sit this long without running. It’s not the best thing, but it shouldn’t hurt the engine.

You’ll probably need a jump to get it running. I’d worry about changing oil and fluids AFTER you decide whether or not you want it. Don’t spend money on a vehicle you don’t own.