Engine noise

I have a 2006 Pontiac Torrent 2WD. As I accelerate I start to hear a loud humming coming from under the front of the car. It gets louder as speed increases. I have changed the transaxle fluid…no change. I know it’s not tire/road noise. It’s definitely mechanical. I can feel slight vibration in the peddles at 50 mph+ and when braking. Rotors machined and pads replaced recently and checked again by reputable brake shop. Possibly bearing/hub assembly?

could be, what about the cv joints? the wheel ballance? the alignment?

Ask the shop if they checked and repacked the wheel bearings when they did the rotors.

thanks for the response. balance and alignment are good and the noise doesn’t change when i turn corners so i had about ruled out cv joints (no clicking or grinding and such noise).