Engine noise

I have a 2001 Ram Air Transam with the LS-1 350 aluminum motor in it @ i keep hearing a noise coming from the enginethat sounds like a lifter pecking. When i listen to it under the hood it sounds like it is coming from the middle of the intake. When driving it down the road it sounds like it is a lifter pecking on the left hand side. I had it checked by a certified mechanic @ he said he could hear the noise but was unable to pinpoint it, so he sent me to a chevrolet dealership @ they listened to it @ told me I didnt have anything to worry about that it was common for an aluminum engine to make that type of noise,. So could anyone tell me if that it true or i need to have it checked by someone else? The car only has 29,000 miles on it. If anyone knows what it is i would appreciate your replies @ information. Thaks

Shouldn’t you have taken a TransAm to a Pontiac dealership? I didn’t think Chevrolet sold anything called a TransAm.

Be that as it may, an LS1 is an LS1, and I suppose it doesn’t really matter.

I suggest you search your local phone book and find and independent mechanic who specializes in high-performance GM products.

You will find one if you look hard enough. Even in the small town I live near there are several of these hi-performance shops, and I think such a place is where you should be taking this vehicle.

Pontiac definetly made the trans am

Right, but isn’t Pontiac part of GM? And Chevy is GM…

Either way, I’d also look for another opinion from a trusted source.

Can we come up with any possible justification of the Dealers comment?

I have never noticed a noise that was paticular to a aluminum block,aluminum head engine.

I have heard moaning noises from aluminum intakes.

I’d want to throw a vacuum gage on it and see if there are any fluctuations.

The LS-1 is on the list of piston slappers. Google “GM piston slap problem” and I suspect you’ll find the answers to your noise.

Forget my earlier post. I’d forgotten about this.