LT1 with ticking noise

So I have a LT1 383 in my 95 Trans am. I was doing a burn out and now my car is making a ticking sound, kinda like a lifter. I took the cam out and it had been scorred from what looks like heat and friction. I replaced the lifters and cam. I still have my 1.5 Roller rocker arms. Oil pressure is fine. Put it all together and it is still making the same noise. so I pulled of the oil pan to listen for a Spun rod bearing and couldn’t find anything.

It makes the noise the Loudest when I am acutally driving it and put the engine under zero load. oh and it only makes the noise when the car is hot. And there are no drivability issues with this noise ie sputtering or missfireing… Any ideas will help.


Any chance there’s carbon buildup on the pistons?

Perhaps you pulled a rocker stud on one of those pretty aluminum heads…Pull the valve covers (one at a time) and listen to each rocker with a 4’ length of garden hose stuck in your ear.

383? has the engine been bored out to that displacement?

Is it possible you’re hearing an exhaust leak?

It’s been stroked to 383. The 383 stroker is a nice combination of HP and torque for a reasonable cost. I know a guy with one in his 9C1 Caprice, it’s quite the sleeper.

Very possible and a simple fix so I will try getting some cleaner thanks