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Engine noise at idle help

09 Sport AT; 79,000 miles

I have owned car for 2 months.

Last few weeks the engine sounds louder at idle and there some vibration. The passenger side wiper arm vibrates due to engine vibration.
Any ideas on the cause?



Is the check engine light on? Without knowing more about the car and the symptoms could be a lot of things. This could be anything from bad plugs/wires to a broken engine mount. If the check engine light is on, head on over to your parts store (Advance, Autozone etc) and have them read the codes for you, plst them back here, is P1234

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If the engine RPM’s are not to high could the loudness you hear be exhaust leaks.

No CELs.
No other signs of something amiss expect for noise/vibes.

It’s a Honda Fit without any issues since I owned it.

Sorry, wrong thread.

A problem like this has a large variety of possible causes, especially on a used car of unknown history. My suggestion is going to sound like a copout, but the beat thing you can do is to bring it to a trusted mechanic for a shakedown.

This could be overdue maintenance, a stuck EGR valve, a carboned up IAC, a bad engine mount, a vacuum leak, a compression problem, a sticky valve, and on and on and on. It really needs to be looked at.

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