Vibration when picking up speed and at idle

I have a 2019 Honda civic. I started to notice small vibration from the chassis as I pick up speed starting at about 40 mph and gets stronger as I move faster. I also have very strong idle vibration. The vibration stops when I put the car in neutral. Any ideas

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I would check the motor mounts and tranny mount. I believe they are hydraulic motor mounts. see if you see any fluid leaking.


Figuring out what’s causing the idle vibration that occurs with trans in D, but not in N is where to start. Could be caused by an engine misfire, noticed less when there’s no load on the engine. Is the check engine light on? Are there any diagnostic codes stored in the drivetrain computer memory, history, current, or pending?


+1 for possible mounts…

I have no engine lights. I haven’t gotten a diagnostic ran. I also forgot to mention, the car only has 44,000 miles on it. So I’ve been getting mixed opinions about if the mounts could go bad that quickly.

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That is why you need to have a pro mechanic do a proper inspection of the vehicle… since it doesn’t sound like you are able to, or even understand how to yourself by your last post…

But you have to start somewhere and since no CEL light on and it does it not moving, that basically eliminates the drivetrain…

Watch the video below…

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Can also check out this nice diagnostic process guide by Eric the Car Guy.

He says first to check for engine performance issues then check the mounts.