Engine Mounts / noisy rough idle


I own a 2001 Toyota Sienna van. It’s always had a little gurgling sound when accelerating that no one could figure. We’ve had the van for all the years. Anyhow I took the van up the mountain in Nevada on an all gravel road. Extremely bumpy. When we came off the mountain I noticed that my idle was really rough and it clunked when I threw it in reverse. A few weeks after that we made a trip across the country to North Carolina. In TN my Oil light came on. We had to put 3 quarts of oil in before we could see it on the dip stick. Anyhow… We took it in immediately once we got to NC and found out that the Engine was on recall and luckily we were right under the 80,000 mark so it’s all under warranty. They also mentioned that our small motor mount was cracked and they replaced that too. Great. Not great. It’s still idling rough and clunking. So I took it back in and they said that my rear mount and upper mount are gone! Ok how does that happen? I said to the guy that they had my engine out and they didn’t notice this??? He said well they were just working on the engine so they probably weren’t paying attention. Is this really the problem and can they really miss something like that? Thanks so much…



A professional automotive technician could never miss something like that. You’re working with these mounts as the engine is being removed and replaced. And if one misses something as obvious as this, they’re not very good in their profession.