Engine misfiring

I have a '98 Camry with 130,000 miles and have never changed the fuel filter…would a plugged filter cause misfiring all of a sudden? One night recently, I drove about 4 miles came home parked the car. I then went to the store and it started missing pretty bad…have not done anything…yet !

change wires,plugs

Plugs are new…wires not so new…how about fuel filter…that’s what I asked ?

I would look at the wires first.  Get a set of OEM brand standard model wires.  At 130,000 miles they deserve retirement. 

As for the filter, It may or may not be a problem, but I would start with the wires.  I suspect they are past due anyway.

I haven’t looked at the maintenance schedule for this car, but I would bet by now that fuel filter should have been replaced 4 times. I’m sure a plugged filter can cause all kinds of driveability symptoms. Biggest problem it’s gonna cause is ruining the fuel pump.