'99 Camry bad alternator wire affect vehicle performance?

I just notice a couple days ago that my '99 Camry is starting to act up. I’ve noticed it more going at faster speeds… it acts sort of like the fuel pump is going out. It feels like it cuts out a little bit although I can’t tell for sure if it’s a fuel issue. Today I was looking under the hood and noticed that one of the two wire bundles coming off the alternator looked like it was starting to fry. I didn’t think that the alternator would affect the car like that, but I don’t know all that much either. Could it have possible caused my vehicle to be acting up like that?

I sure don’t want another thing I need to get fixed!

Thanks for the help

When is the last time the fuel filter was replaced?


I suggest you get the wiring fixed and then see if the other problem clears up.

Nobody is sure about it?

I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t cause your problem. Pretty much the only thing a bad alternator connection can do is stop the alternator from charging the battery, which would eventually lead to your car quitting, but wouldn’t cause the little hickups you describe.

No one is going to be sure about anything without having the car in hand. About the best you’re going to get is an educated guess.

When was the fuel filter last changed as Tester mentioned? If ever. Remove the filter, dump the contents, allow it to dry for an hour, and attempt to blow through it.
If you cannot blow through it very easily then it’s clogged up. This is rough on a fuel pump to boot.

You could also try dropping by a local AutoZone, Advance Auto, etc. and have them pull the codes since it’s possible the problem could lie elsewhere. They will do this for you free. Post any results back here for some more guessin’.