Engine Malfunction Light

During an overnight stay at a Rawlins, WY motel, an animal, most likely a field mouse per the mechanic, ate 3 spark plug wires. Found a very savvy mechanic, Matt, on a Saturday morning at Tom’s RV Repair. Within a couple of hours we were again on our way across country.
Problem is, the Engine Malfunction light is still on. How can it be reset without taking the van to a dealer and paying through the nose?

Just go to an auto parts store (Auto Zone, Advance Auto, O’Reilly, or–possibly–Napa) and ask them to read the stored trouble code(s).

The actual codes may help you to figure out whether the light is related to the problem with the spark plug wires, or whether there is another issue of which you are not aware. Ask the guy who reads the codes to make sure that he turns the light off after he reads the codes for you.

VDC suggestion is good, or you might try disconnecting the battery for a minute or two…But you will lose any stored codes…If there is still a problem, the light will come back on and the trouble codes will be re-set…

If he light is related to the three spark plug wires, then it will go out on its own after three drive cycles. The engine must cool down between each drive cycle for it to count so if you are on a trip, it may take three days even though you shut down the engine several times for gas and meals.