Engine light Will not come on

I have a 2007 ford ranger the engine light will not come on I have to sit there for about 1hr going from accessories to no position to get it to light up some times it can take longer

I don’t understand if you have a question. You seem to have a problem but can you explain it a little better?

Are you trying to say the “check engine light” won’t always light when you turn the key to on but not to crank? Is it on when the engine is running?


Why would you want the engine light to stay on? that would indicate a malfunction.

Did you recently buy this Ford Ranger . . . ?!

So let’s work through this . . .

you turn the ignition on, but do not start the engine

Is the check engine light illuminated?

If not, it’s very likely a previous owner physically removed the bulb from the cluster . . . probably because it was constantly illuminated with the engine idling

In that case, hook up a scanner, and more likely than not, there will be at least 1 current code, possibly something like evaporative emissions or catalytic converter . . .


13 year old Ford Ranger of unknown condition , unknown time of ownership , does it start when you first get in or do you really have to set there for an hour before it will start curious minds want to know .

It sounds like you’re saying the truck doesn’t start when you turn the key and none of the indicator lights is lit, and it won’t start until you fiddle with the key and get the lights to come on. Does that sound about right? Offhand I’d guess a bad ignition switch. Have the truck towed to a good independent mechanic.

If the Check Engine light doesn’t turn on when the ignition switch is turned to the run position, it means the computer failed its self test mode.

So you may be looking at a bad computer.