Engine Light/VSC Light

I have a 2003 Camry XLE with ~86k miles.

About a week ago i took it through an automatic car wash and a few minute after the car wash my check engine light and VSC lights came on. The lights have come on every day i have driven the car since expect couple days ago when the lights were out when i started the car and were out for about 20 miles of my commute but then came on while i as driving. Any ideas?

Something like the vehicle speed sensor connector might have gotten wet. This provides an input signal to both the engine management system and the Vehicle Stability Control system, which would cause those lights to come on.

You might want to take the vehicle to an auto parts store that pulls codes for free. Some AutoZone stores do this. And see if a code comes up for the vehicle speed sensor.

But whatever it is, it sounds like it starting to dry out. And if the lights do eventually turn off for good, wash the car by hand.