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Engine light keeps coming on

light keeps coming on. computer clears codes but cannot keep the light off. any suggestions or does anyone else have this problem?

Model year and what are the codes being stored?? Before the light will stay off, you must repair what is wrong…

The codes indicate a problem. Until you fix whatever is making the light come on it will continue to come on. What are the codes?

sorry…didn’t really state clearly. the light is SERVICE ENGINE SOON. The codes are E3 & E4. Lean condition on bank 1 & bank 2. No fault codes. Year of car is 2001.

Great, got the year, what is the make and model now.

sorry…it was posted in the beginning. BMW 2001 330 CCI

Just a guess…Check for a vacuum leak around the air-flow sensor then try replacing the forward oxygen sensors. Then see a BMW specialist…Nice Ride…

we’ve already done that. experimenting with reg/premium gas to see. taking it to BMW …may as well buy a new car! it runs perfect by the way. never have any trouble with the operation but that light…

It looks like you interpreted a lean engine from codes E3, and E4. Here’s another, but similar, interpretation from BMW forum: Message: I’ve been getting a “service engine soon” light on my '01 330ci and the code reader spit out codes E3 and E4: “Oxygen sensor adaptation limit” for both banks 1-3 and 4-6. As some on this board suggested, the problem was indeed a vacuum leak caused by a cracked rubber intake duct.
And a photograph of the defective intake duct:

hello – I located small crack in an intake hose - I changed this $ 16.- hose and the light stayed off