Engine light after 1700 miles

I have a 2020 Honda Civic with 1700 miles that I purchased new. Yesterday while driving the check engine light came on. There were no driveability issues so I borrowed a code reader and received a P0133 code, slow response bank 1 sensor 1 . Seems like a concerning issue with a brand new car. Ready to head off the dealership to have it diagnosed. After having numerous issues with a Honda fit I am starting to question the reliability of Honda.

Well, whatever it turns out to be, it will be covered by warranty. Just be sure to save all documentation… just in case.


And that did not have you looking at other brands ?


I figured that because I purchased the fit used that it was possibly due to negligence from the previous owner.

Which one is it? Either way, you likely have some warranty on it, take it to the dealership and let them figure it out

That is entirely possible. In the case of your new car, the problem is likely to be just a bad electrical connection, or possibly a bad O2 sensor, but even if there is a more serious cause, it will be fully-covered under warranty.

If it makes you feel any better, when my 2002 Outback had about 1,200 miles on the odometer, the CEL lit up, and it turned out to be just a defective evaporative emissions solenoid. After that was repaired–in less than 1 hour–the car functioned flawlessly for another 10 years.


I took a chance on a 2000 Cavalier after two consecutive lemons, a 1984 Pontiac and a 1993 Chevrolet. The Cavalier turned out to be a great little car and it restored my faith in GM. Sometimes you take a chance and win, sometimes you don’t. A relatively minor problem after 1700 miles wouldn’t put me off Honda or any other make.