2019 Honda Civic check engine light comes on monthly

Lease Honda Civic on 11/18/18. Check engine light on every month since Dec. 18. It is the 6th time the light is on. Honda is looking a way to fix it. They said it is no danger.
The car is new, may be it is a false alarm. Who knows which one is the real alarm ?

I do. If the light is on, it is a real alarm. It may be a minor one, as Honda says, but it is still an alarm. Research your state (or province, or country)'s lemon laws. If Honda can’t fix it, they may have to supply you a new car.

Sounds like an Audi reoccurrence. That’s a tough one, they already diagnostic tested, code checked sensors, and probably replaced some things. Now its difficult: goggle different questions of same problem out there - hope you find something. The techs should go old school and look for broken wires, bent connection pins, check spark plug burning, check air path, fuel path, etc. Anything could have come loose, heated up, corroded, or failed. The techs should get out that multi meter, repair manual, and try to get it down to a suspected stage, and eliminate things until you find that needle in the haystack culprit. Problem is the bean counter doesn’t want to spend any time on it to find the problem, they’re only allowed so much time per repair. It takes time to eliminate things & find the source. Too many things under the hood now days.

On a leased car that is 5 months old with warranty.
Now, that sounds as good advice. NOT.

Timothy_Arnold has now edited his response to go in the directly opposite direction. Now it is the dealer that should get the mulitimeter etc. out.
That sounds like better advice.

Customer living with it, is not an acceptable warranty answer from the dealer/tech. A loaner car, and repair action from the dealer is. I’m saying to the dealer techs - it takes time and old school of trouble shooting to find and fix difficult problems. Please reread the edited version, before commenting. Some of these dealers are setting a bad example for the MFG’s. They could get rewarded for finding an answer and posting a dealer service bulletin with the answer. I got recognition for my 4 different car fixes, after the dealer couldn’t find the fix, 2 computer as well. But nobody values the time & hard work anymore, they just want fast easy answers instantly now days.

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At least, that’s not uncommon for me.

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I agree with what Mustangman said.

Do you know what codes were set? I’m just curious.

If the dealer can’t fix this, your owner’s manual has the procedure for escalating this to Honda. You might need to do that here.


Did you get receipt for each visit? If so, does it list the codes that were set? You should always get a receipt to prove the visit occurred. Like @mustangman said, you should research the lemon laws in your state to see if they apply to leased cars. Several states, including CA, MD, and PA include leased cars in the lemon law.