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Engine knock?

I am trying to diagnose and engine knock I think. 2007 Honda Ridgeline 3.5 Liter. 257,000 mile. I checked the noise unplugging each coil pack with no change. I ran it without Serpentine belt no change. here is a link to a video I made with the noise. Best at 30 second mark. Any ideas?

These kind of things are tough for me as I have a 60% hearing loss in each ear. However, offhand it sounds like it needds a valve lash adjustment.
If so, that’s a common maintenance procedure that should be performed regularly.

It is a rather high pitched knock and pretty subtle at this point. If the noise is worse when the engine is cold, I’d guess it is piston slap. With 257K, I’d expect that. Don’t worry, it is annoying but not fatal.

Could be valve lash that @ok4450 said as well.

If the knock is not present when cold but gets progressively worse as the engine warms up, it is probably a connecting rod bearing noise from excessive wear. It could also be a piston pin. Annoying but not immediately fatal.

Is your oil pressure OK when hot or does it get very low - close to the red zone - when at hot idle? If so, this will only get worse because the bearings are very worn. Eventually that will destroy the engine. You could replace the rod and main bearings but this engine can clearly see the “great junkyard in the sky” and the truck might not be far behind.

Sounds like valve lash to me. A simple valve lash adjustment may improve it somewhat. If it is louder when cold and quieter once warmed up then that would be my guess.

I too think it’s simple valve lash. That’s exactly what it sounds like to my ears.

I agree that it sounds like excessive valve lash. It’s too “ticky” to be piston slap or bearing noise.

Ok. So many people responded and I want to thank everyone for their input. It starts of quite when cold and gets louder after warm. I have also noticed that it it abruptly quits making noise when under load and accelerating. I plan on opening the top end tomorrow and I will post what I find.

And my oil pressure is good and I have been very diligent at keeping it change using full synthetic. I would agree that the engine might see that junkyard in the sky but even if I put a new drive train in it I would love to save this truck for a while.

Starting with a valve lash measurement on all the valves seems a very sensible thing to do. Even with 4 valves per cylinder which this engine probably has, still, it doesn’t take much time.