Engine jerks and stops; 1994 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight


Dear Friends,

I have a 1994 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight and have driven it for 118,000 miles. The engine started to jerk randomly about 2 months ago. It happens at around 30~40 miles per hour when the car speeds up (sometimes the warning lights flash when the car jerks). If I release the accelerate pad, and then push the pad slowly, the engine will speed up and pass the 30~40 mph zone. Several times, the engine stops with, or without a jerk. But, I can restart the engine right after that.

If I start to drive and push the accelerate pad to the bottom, then the car will speed up rapidly and pass the 30~40 mph zone without a jerk.

The engine jerk happens more and more often now. During last few days, the engine jerked several times and stoped one or two times on each way of the 11 miles trip from my home to work.

I took the car to three auto shops, and had been told that since the engine could restart right after its stop, they could not find the problem. They said keep driving until one day the car stops deadly.

Thanks in advance for your advises,



No one answer my qustion so far. I wonder if Tom and Ray would come here to read the questions. If not, how can I reach them?