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Engine dies

95 Chevrolet C-20 Mark III, 350 engine, 69,000 miles

Driving down interstate, engine quit, just shut off, no sputtering or anything.

After setting about 3 minutes, in about 3 tries, engine fired up and ran.

Drove approximately 700 miles.

Quit again, same way, on smooth road.

After setting couple of minutes, with couple of tries, started.

Mechanic replaced LX-340 module and LX 6598 Pickup coil and fuel filter.

After setting about a month, drove approximately 45 miles, and it quit again (smooth road).

After 4-5 tries, started and ran.

What could be the problem?

Let’s start with some easy stuff.

You want to test for spark, fuel and air when it is not working.

Spark: Buy a new plug (only 1) and with it running normally, pull one wire off its plug and put the new plug on it. Then hold it’s threads tight to the engine block and have someone try to start the engine. You should see a spark. Now the next time it does this, do the same trick. You should see the same spark as during the first test.

Note it is a good idea to use a well insulated tool to hold that spark plug for the test, unless you really like your hair standing on end.