Engine Dies While Idling in Gear at Stop Lights


I have a '95 Pontiac Bonneville with little over 30,000 miles (actual miles). At Intermittent intervals, while I’m waiting at a traffic light or going at low speeds, without warning the engine gives two clicks and dies. I have to put it into park, and restart the engine. It goes along fine for awhile and then it happens again. I have changed the oil, put in a new battery, spark plugs, fuel filter, and air filter. My mechanic hasn’t found the root of the problem. Any suggestions?


Can you elaborate on “two clicks”?


“Clicks” sounds somewhat like relays, to me. It might be the fuel pump relay, or the some others. This is where a wiring diagram, and an electrical multimeter come into play, if one wants to do electrical troubleshooting (even if one DOESN"T want to do some electrical troubleshooting).