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'91 Mazda B2600 engine dies

My Mazda pickup has started to die within the first 1-2 miles of city driving. Twice while coasting to a stop light, this morning while idling at a stop light. First two times it took 2-3 minutes to restart, this morning it restarted immediately. It seems that if I keep my foot on the gas, keeping rpm’s up or gas flowing, it might not die. I just replaced the battery and that didn’t resolve the problem.

I would look at fuel/air/spark issues first. If you have to keep your foot on the accelerator to get it to idle correctly, then battery is a side issue, not the real issue. You could have a fuel injector issue, or some other issue associated with the ignition system. Last tune up/filters?

Check the fuel filter since that is a common trouble for this sort of thing. If it has been a long time since it was replaced you should replace it.

Is the engine fuel injected?


Thanks for the response; air filter recently, last week cleaned the throttle body and replaced the fuel filter. Sunday, died again. Most common thread is that it dies when I’m in slowing down in traffic within the first 1-2 miles. It re-starts immediately.

yes, it’s fuel injected.

Since the last emails in Sept, the fuel filter has been replaced, the thermostat (which was stuck open), and the water temperature sensor. Guess what; engine still dies and have pinpointed to when the engine temp gauge goes from cold to warming up. If I can make it through all the stop signs and stop lights on the way to work it’s fine. It just will die at a stop light. Is there such a thing as an idle or choke that needs to be re-set? This is troubling. Once the truck is warmed up, it is fine and doesn’t die.

check the EGR valve,for sticking open.WAG.

which engine?

good day!