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Speedometer Drops to 0 mph After Reaching 75 mph

We’re currently stationed in Germany, so we frequent the autobahns with our 2004 Buick Rendezvous. Since we drive the autobahns, driving between 75- 85 mph’s is the norm.

Periodically, our speedometer will drop from the actual speed down to zero while driving and continue to stay at zero until we shut the vehicle off for a few minutes. No warning lights come on when it happens, the gauge just drops to zero.

This doesn’t happen all time when we are driving at an accelerated rate, but enough to become annoying.

Any advice would be helpful, along with what parts would be needed to fix the situation. There isn’t a Buick dealership locally, so the parts would need to be ordered from the states.


My guess would be you need a new dashboard cluster.

Make a long distance call to a U.S. Buick dealership; see if there’s any service bulletins regarding this happening. They could probably send you the parts needed to repair it.

Maybe stick a GPS near your speedometer and use to display speed?

I had this problem and it was a circuit board in the transmission.