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2002 buick rendezvous problem

I have a 2002 buick rendezvous and if i drive it for a while and the motor warms up and i turn it off it wont start back up. once it cools down it starts back up perfectly.

Please explain in some detail exactly what happens (or not) when you try to restart.

Eg. starter will not engage, clicking noise, etc.

When it doesnt start it sounds like it isnt getting gas. I had the fuel pump checked and its ok.

What is the difference between the sounds of not getting gas, and not getting spark?
Concentrate on the spark and ignition side of troubleshooting. Of course, when it doesn’t start, check for spark on each ignition coil. Then, when you see it’s lack of spark, troubleshoot the ignition/spark system. [Just a matter of curiosity; but, which size V6 engine is it?]

3.4L V6