Engine dies after oil reak repair

200 Toy Sienna–

Had a oil leak, got it fixed. Drove 15-20 miles and Engine dies on me. Tried to restart, ignition is fine, engine does not catch on. Got it towed to shed, left overnight. Mechanic explains that car has to relearn throttle - memory got reset etc. Car drives fine now. Mechanic says, it did not start the first few times, then all he did was turn on the key and step on the Gas!! Is that right? Or did he forget to to do something? Who’s memory is not working?

Your car shouldn’t die, even if the computer is relearning things.

How well do you know this mechanic? Was the oil pressure light on, by any chance? I’m wondering if the oil wasn’t properly refilled and the mechanic is lying to cover his tracks, hoping that there was no damage that you’ll notice in the near future.

No lights were on…have been with the mechanic for more than 5 years now…drove it around 20 miles after the oil change…

Most of our readers are unable to make the conclusion the “the ignition is fine” when their car is not starting, how is it you are able to make this conclusion?

For me, I only fell comfortable saying that the cause of your car stalling was not related to any “re-learn” process.

When I turn the keys, I hear the usual sound I hear…then the engine usually catches on. That did not happen…

Not sure of the tek terms…

[b] I hear the usual sound I hear...then the engine usually catches on[/b]  

OK which one did not happen? You heard the usual sound or the engine did not catch?

Was the engine idling when it died? Did you ever attempt to start the engine while pressing the accelerator down?