Has the indestructible 2000 toyota sienna but the dust

My beloved 2000 toyota sienna has been he rugby transport van, adventure base camp and my on and off home for the past 7 years. And with 350,000 miles I’ve only had to do routine maintenance. But the other day on a short trip the engine died as I was driving. Upon inspection I found that all the oil had been spewed out of the engine. A “mechanic” I’m traveling in Mexico where everyone seems to be a mechanic, told my that the last oil filter installed was incorrect and blew off allowing all the oil to leak out. I had only driven about 2 miles when the engine stopped, and there was no smoking or even overheating before the engine died but now the engine won’t turn over… Could the engine be seized? Also wonder other possible causes? If it’s toast or easy to fix?

350,000 miles, lost oil, engine seized. Sorry but this adds up to toast

I’d look for a used or rebuilt engine.

Did the oil pressure light ever come on? I’m wondering if the engine might have shut itself down when you lost oil pressure. It couldn’t hurt to disconnect the battery to see if anything rests, but I’m pretty sure your engine is toast.

Good luck on the reset but I also believe your engine is toast.

My brother’s Toyota had a severe oil leak a few years ago, a pinhole in an oil control hose going to the cylinder head

Anyways, he noticed a burning smell. Then he saw the oil pressure light come on, at which point he immediately shut down the engine

His engine did not shut itself down, though.

After replacing the hose and correcting the oil level, it started up normally.

Like the others, I’d like to know if the oil pressure light came on. I believe it’s red, but if you’re not looking, I suppose it might be possible to miss it, until it’s too late.

Have you tried to turn the engine over by hand . . using a 1/2" drive breaker bar and a socket on the crank bolt?

Sounds like your travels in Mexico have just been cut short…Be sure to clear your temporary import permit before you leave the country…

I don’t think the oil pressure light ever came on, but again it was only 2 miles and i could’ve easily missed it. In didn’t smell or see anything that would let me know otherwise that there was any problem.

With a large leak necessary to drain the oil that quickly may not have time to get to a burning smell. With a small to moderate leak, oil will build up and find something hot to burn on. But a large leak like an oil filter blowout or a drain plug falling out, dumps the oil so quick, it doesn’t build up and find a hot source unless the hot source is directly under the leak. Once the oil is gone, the rings and bearings will lock-up very quickly.

I had my power steering fluid drain out from such a leak last month. The hose popped a leak and the oil jetted out very quickly. The hole was pointed straight down, so all the fluid dumped onto the street with very little on the underside.

what did you hear before it shut down?

I would at least put a wrench on the crankshaft nut and try and turn it . . . you never know. Probably done for, but what could it hurt? Could be that 5 quarts of oil and a new filter could get you home. Good luck! Rocketman