98 Chevy Cavalier Just Stops!

Ive had intermitent problems with My 98 Chevy Cavalier for about 6 monts. It just cuts off without warning. Then wont restart for several minutes. It sounds beautiful when its running. But when she decides to go the tach bottoms out and nothing. I’ve had the fuel pump replaced and the crank shaft sensor. Plus the fule line electrical (that was the first thing). Now I’m into this for about a grand and still… Without warning, it’ll just cut off. Help Please.

It sounds like a problem with the ignition electronics. It needs to be checked for spark when the problem occurs. It might be as simple as the coil cutting out when it geys hot, and returning to normal when it cools down.

Further diagnosis is needed but it sounds like a ignition control module is failing. When it gets hot it will shut down and won’t restart until it cools.