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Engine compartment light

Can you tell me what fuse controls the engine compartment Light?

What year?

2002 LT 4wd. Sorry

Forget about it. The light burns out in one day. It isn’t worth having.

If you have the same kind of light that the Silverados have, the problem could be corroded contacts inside the unit. It has a cylinder of steel that rolls onto the contacts by gravity when the hood is lifted up. It comes apart quite easily so you can get at the parts.

I always just use a flashlight. Even when they do work they’re barely worth it for what they manage to light up.

Which fuse is which…
is in your owner’s manual.

Is the light not working? Many times when it was necessary to have the hood open for a long period of time we simply bent the bracket so the switch would not know the hood was open and then the light would stay out, can you bend the bracket so the light comes on? I agree this light is pretty useless.