Engine burning oil



I have a 2000 Dodge Caravan that burns oil pretty bad. Years ago, an aquaintance said he had mixed tranny fluid with his engine oil, and his car didn’t burn any oil again after that. Could someone help me with how much and what type tranny fluid to use? Thanks a million!!


Tranny fluid CAN be used as a engine cleaner that can free up sticky valves. But I’ve NEVER heard of it eliminating oil consumption.


I have to agree with you on the tranny fluid.
I’ve used it myself on a '94 3.0L V6 and it worked great but you can’t leave the tranny fluid in the engine because it is a detergent.

You need to change out the oil,tranny fluid and oil filter after perhaps 300 miles max.


Thanks guys!! I’ll give it a shot. Any idea how much?


What likely happened with your friend is that the tranny fluid acted like a detergent and unstuck some gummed up oil rings. There are additives at the parts store made to accomplish this.

If that’s the cause of your oil getting past the rings, an additive/flush may help. If the cylinders are just worn out and/or the rings are tired (they wear and they lose their spring tension) then detergent additives won’t help. Going to a heavier weight oil may help some, but there’s no way unwear-out a worn out engine.

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If it is due to sludge on the rings causing blow-by…yes tranny fluid


If it is due to sludge on the rings causing blow-by…yes tranny fluid CAN do the job…but DON’T. If the sludge is that bad then you want to remove the sludge SLOWLY…Otherwise it COULD destroy your engine.

I suggest at your next oil change replace one quart of oil with one quart of Rislone. And change the oil every 2k miles for the next 3-4 oil changes. After the 4th oil change all the sludge should be gone. IF that was causing the problem??


I’ve got a 2000 Chrysler Voyager, which is pretty much the same thing if you’ve got the 3.0 v6. I’ve tried a lot of different things for the smoking, and found that Risoline helps, but doesn’t make it stop completely. I’d need a valve job for that and the car isn’t worth 3000 dollars.
Short of trying one of those 30 to 50 dollar engine treatments Risoline works the best for me.