Engin Knock

I have a 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible that has an intermittent engine knock on the drivers’ side; it isn’t there when the engine is cold and does it only sporadically when it’s hot. The car was not driven for many years; when I bought it in 2010 the plates on the car expired in February 1974.

I’ve tried high octane fuel, lead additives, and heavier motor oil; the problem is a little better, but it still happens. Do you have any ideas what the cause and the solution is?

1964…SWEET!!! That’s when a Lincoln was truely a luxury car.

I hate to be the one to have to tell you, but you probably have bearing knock. That would require a reuild to correct. But it could be in the valvetrain too. You should be able to remove the valvecover on that engine, operate it, and tell pretty easily. Don’t worry, oil won’t shoot out everywhere, but you will see oil running out from between parts and down to the return channels. That’s perfectly fine. That’s what it normally does.

The problem is twofold. The engine has set a very long time and there are many reasons why an engine would knock. The best bet would be to take it to a good independent mechanic and have them check it out. I would start with an oil pressure test to eliminate bad rod or crank bearings. They can go on from there to pinpoint the noise such as wristpin knocking or piston slap which are only two of many possibilities. Valve train noise can also sound like a knock to many people. Let the pros handle it is my best recommendation. Good luck.

After reading Missileman’s post, I agree with him. I withdraw my post. Follow his advice.

Thanks @mountainbike. I don’t see anything wrong with your post at all.