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Emissions: 2000 Honda CRV - NY car moving to CA

I LOVE my car, especially since it doesn’t come with a car payment. I’m moving to CA soon. The emission/trans. code that goes with the VIN is KA 4AT - which means it’s a 49-state car (KL is for CA). However, under the hood, there’s a sticker that reads:

“Vehical conforms to US EPA NLEV regulations applicable to 2000 model year new TLEV light duty trucks & CA regulations applicable to 2000 model year new TLEV light duty trucks.”

I need advise as to whether or not it will pass CA smog tests. I’ve never had CEL problems of any kind. I’m hoping someone can help or point me in the right direction. Honda customer service has been useless.

Wouldn’t it be best to ask the real authorities on the situation, namely the DMV or the Air Resources Board in California?

Lots of well-meaning folks on this site will give their opinions, but if they are wrong, you will suffer the consequences. Trust me–this type of question comes up frequently from people moving to California, so there is likely an informational booklet available from the CA DMV, or even more likely, some info on a state-run website.

Good luck with the move!

I agree with VDC. Always go directly to the agency that administers the rules for the decision that will be made.

What they said, but…

I’m confused by two things. One, is that New York also requires cars to conform to the California standard, so I’m pretty sure if you’ve been registering your car in NY it should be good to go in CA. Also, if the emissions sticker states it meets the " and CA" standards it should. Are you sure you decoded the VIN right?

The CA DMV website has most of the info you need. There is also the BAR link on there and you can call them and they are helpful. Your car is most probably fine. If it fails it would be because it needed repairs anyways. Having said that for me the only way to know was to ship the car to CA and hold my breath during the smog test!

Thanks to everyone! I’m feeling much better now. I did make a contact with a CA DMV-related smog site and they assured me that even though the car is coded for 49-states (KA) that doesn’t mean it won’t pass their tests, especially since I have the CA compliant TLEV sticker. The man from the smog site said they will plug in the year/model of my car in their computer and then measure the emissions. As long as the car is running correctly, I’ll be fine - WHEW!

Yes, I also sent a note to the BAR link - haven’t received a reply yet. A Honda dealer in CA also said I should be fine.

Also, from a previous note. I didn’t know the NY’s testing conformed to CA standards - that’s good to hear.

Thanks everyone for your help. I’ll sleep better tonight.
My “girl” is old but dependable - just like me!

It will definitely pass Ca. emissions. You will not have to do any modifications. The $300 fee was found to be unconstitutional and is no longer in effect. I got mine refunded with interest. You will like everything about owning a car in Ca.

They don’t inspect the car for rock chips in your windshield either. Some idiot may stop you at the road block area on Rt. 40 and ask you if you have any walnuts or almonds in your car. I don’t think they mean roasted and salted ones that come from Planters. Make him repeat it at least once.