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Emergency Brake Light intermittently turns on & off

I have a 2006 Ford F150 XLT and my emergency brake light has been going off and on a lot recently. I just replaced the front brakes and rotors and checked the brake fluid. Fluid is full and haven’t noticed any leaks in the system. The emergency brake light is still on and I’m out of ideas. Any body know what else to do?

The brake fluid level sensor may be faulty.,2006,f-150,4.6l+v8,1432397,brake+&+wheel+hub,brake+fluid+level+sensor,1916



You could try lightly tapping the brake fluid level sensor, might provide a clue to what’s wrong. If your truck’s warning light system is like my Corolla, the brake warning light can come on either with the fluid level sensor or with a switch connected to the emergency brake lever system. If so, could be either of those that’s causing it.

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