2002 Tundra SR5, 2W drive, Rear Drum Brake Adjustment

Don’t seem to have an adjustment hole on my 2002 Tundra. Can anyone tell me if these are self adjusting brakes and, if they are, how to I go about adjusting them…simply backing up and engaging the brakes?

If it has a hand parking brake, pull the parking brake handle all the way up. If it has a foot parking brake, operate the parking brake pedal until the clicking stops.


If it is really far out of adjustment, you need to take off the wheel. There is a rubber plug in the face of the brake drum you need to remove to adjust the brakes. As on most Toyota’s the auto adjust feature is through repeated and regular use of the parking brake, NOT by tapping the brakes while moving in reverse.

Thanks to both of you for your advice. I continually use the parking brake so according to both of you, the brakes should be adjusted properly. My next step is to check the pads and make sure they are adequate also to bleed the master.
Thanks again. Ending thread.

A word of caution. On a 10 year old truck, it is not uncommon to have the self-adjusters seize up with rust, brake dust, and general grime. If you drive mostly without a load in the back, the rear brakes don’t see a lot of action and can wear very slowly. My old Toyota Hi-Lux was 15 years old when I did a rear brake job on it. The shoes still had plenty of meat, looked only half worn compared to the new shoes, but I felt uncomfortable with the rear brakes never having been serviced for 15 years and over 250,000 miles.