Honda Accord rattles



I have a 1996 Honda Accord V6 sedan (automatic transmission). Lately there is an intermittent metallic rattling noise. As far as I can tell, this is happening in the front middle of the car, and it can happen at high or low speeds, whether the brake is on or not. I think it might be related to the axle because I think the rattling was a bit slower the one time I heard it when the car was going really slowly. Any thoughts on what this is? My friend looked at the tie rod ends and didn’t see anything abnormal.




Does it go in time with RPM of your engine somewhat.

The classic and easy item is the heat shield which is part of your exhaust system. It can be torn off or reattached and this sound will likely cease.


If the heat shield is the culprit, the easiest fix I’ve found is to secure it in place with a long hose clamp from the hardware store. If need be you can string two together. Total cost will be about $2.50.


My vote is for the heat shields. My mother used to own a '95 Accord, and it was infamous for its rattling heat shields. Our mechanic clamped them, and it helped make the noise a lot more bearable, but it never entirely went away. Car ran for many, many more miles/years like that.


My vote is for the heat shields.
When it was jacked up it certainly didn’t look like the heat shield. The problem was thought to be strut-related or sway bar-related, but the noise is so faint that I was advised not to do anything about it at the moment.