Eletrical problem

I own a 2003 galant the problem started with the acc. power outlets not working checked fuses and for an inline fuse none found faulty recently my stereo quit holding ststions as well as time,dome light quit working as well as the trip odometers found the bad fuse replaced it 2 days later it took the fuse out again. even after i replaced that fuse the acc power plug ins still did not work any ideas stumped

Does It Happen To Be Fuse #4 ?

Some 1999 - 2003 Galants intermittently blow this fuse (IOD) and lose power to items such as radio, dome light, sun visor vanity light, and remote keyless entry.

What causes it is that the securing screw in the dome light assembly, the screw that secures the switch slider, becomes loose allowing the slider to rotate and contact the adjacent terminal.

The fix is to remove the fuse, remove the dome light, reposition the slider, tighten the screw and lock it with a drop of super glue and replace the light assembly and the fuse.

This was outlined in a Mitsubishi Technical Service Bulletin # TSB-06-54-003.

Does this sound like your problem ?


Well that seem to be the problems I have, I will check that and fix it I just replaced all the fuses once again thank you for your advise really thank you very much

You’re Welcome.
Let Us Know If It Works. We Can Try To Offer Other Suggestions If Necessary.