Electronic parking brake issue

Thanks for that input. I finally rounded up a local mechanic who has a reputation for troubleshooting problems and not just replacing parts so I’m going to see him. At this point I’m 3 months without full use of my car. I’ll add any new info or my final solution after that. Being an Electronic Engineer, this is sure an overuse and abuse of technology. Meanwhile I’m learning I probably can’t buy a new car without an EPB!

That’s good news Keith; thanks. I’ve been looking at the Outback and Forester and 15 years would take me to the end of the road. I think I’ll forward that to the Ford regional office!

That is only for Outbacks and Legacys from 2012 to 2014 and only for the EPB, not the whole vehicle.

Thanks for clarifying. Yeh, it sounds like in that date range the manufacturers were all probably buying the same OEM parts.